Handblown Pink Glass Chillum Pipe With Cherry - 3.5 Inches

by UPC


  • Handblown Quality
  • Intricate, Well-Done Color Work
  • Discreet, Travels With Ease 

If you're looking for a unique glass pipe, this cool chillum pipe with a cherry on the side is perfect for you. Looks aside, the function, and quality built-in to this pipe will become obvious during its first use. When a smoking pipe is bought for a certain task, good function is a major issue, but what draws your eye to the cherry chillum to begin with is the skill of the artist responsible for the intricacy of the color work.

Another important point for anyone considering a portable hand pipe is its discrete size. At just 3.5" in length, the cherry spoon slips easily into any pocket or bag, making this pipe a good one to travel with.