Glass Recycler Bong with Purple Accents

by Cannsy Approved


  • 14mm joint
  • Screened Bowl
  • Bent Flared Mouthpiece
  • Showered Percolator

Recycling is fundamental! We are all about recycling and the Glass Recycler Bong with Purple Accents will have wanting to recycle everything.

A recycler piece is equipped with multiple chambers. As you hit a recycler bubbler, the suction causes water to bubble up, cooling and filtering the smoke as it travels over to the mouthpiece. Filtered again and again, the smoke basically gets caught in filtration loop. As you hit the Glass Recycler Bong, you can hear the gurgle of the bubbling adding a further mesmerizing element to your smoking experience.

The accented bowl features a handle for easy sliding and is screened which means there won’t be any debris in your water. This little triple recycler paired with the showerhead percolator will provide high filtration which means smooth and flavorful hits each time you “recycle”. Neat!