Glass One Hitter Attachment for Helix 3-in-1 Multi Pipe & Bongs by Grav Labs - Regular

by Grav Labs

Product Specs:

  • 14mm 

If you've ever wondered about the quality of a spare part for anything, you don't need to worry about this one. Your Helix Multi came from Grav Labs, and so does this one-hitter replacement for the slider bowl. Made of the same high-quality borosilicate as the original, this little bowl is a match in all ways to the one that came with your Pipe, and proudly carries the Grav Labs Helix label. One very big plus is the glass-on-glass, 14.5mm joint. This slider will fit on any Bong you own as long as it has the right size connection. Imagine the contrast of dressing up the cheapest Pipe you have with the best bowl on the market! At this price, it makes sense to pick up a few extra and perk up the rest of your collection with some Grav Labs class.