Glass Mini Hitter with Wood Tip by Elevate Accessories - Assorted Colors

by Elevate Accessories


  • Exotic, Durable Wood
  • Handcrafted Originality & Durability
  • Choose from Black Walnut/Hard Maple for the wood colors and clear, black, or white for the glass colors

Handcrafted with aesthetics, functionality, and durability in mind, this high-end glass one hitter from Elevate Accessories is second-to-none on the market. 

Made to impress, these one hitters hail from the fine people at Elevate Accessories in Denver, CO who are known for their craftsmanship and impeccable design. These glass mini hitters are made from the finest tropical food including Amboyna Burl, Verawood, Wild Olive, and Katalox.

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