Glass Bubble Bowl by Grav Labs - 14mm - Assorted Colors

by Grav Labs
  • Solid Glass Construction
  • Grav Labs Craftsmanship
  • Secure Grip
  • Multiple Choice Colors
  • 14mm
Beautiful, functional, smoking art all describe this Glass Bubble Bowl. It's made of the same durable borosilicate as any of Grav Labs glass items. You may lose it somewhere but you don't have to worry about breaking it. The bumps near the top are more than just decorative, they also make this Bowl very easy to hang onto. Spare bowls are always a good idea, and since this price is not a budget breaker, you don't have to choose from the assorted colors available, just get one of each. This bowl has the kind of quality that can be felt. As soon as you hold in your hand, you will know what true craftsmanship feels like.