Full Sherlock Pipe by Purr - Dry Herbs - 5.5 Inches - Assorted Colors

by Purr


  • Overall Height: 5 & 1/2"
  • Base Diameter: 1 & 1/2"
  • Dry Herbs 
  • Fixed Stem
  • Perc: Multi Slit Showerhead
  • Label: Pürr Etch White
  • Made in California

Get ready to go full Sherlock when you take a hit off the Full Sherlock Pipe by Purr. All of this glass in this particular line of Purr sherlock pipes come crafted with an accented black stem neck, diffused downstem, and black flower or dry herb bowl.

Every piece of Purr Glass is handmade using only the highest quality borosilicate glass available in California which means it’s durable and truly crafted with care. For more incredible smoking products by Purr, be sure check out the entire Purr collection on Cannsy, the online head shop!