Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer - Desktop - Dry Herbs

by Arizer
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  • Remote control
  • Balloon bag and whip attachments
  • Variety of fan speed settings
  • Ceramic heating element

The multi-tasking Extreme Q Vaporizer from Arizer has been re-designed, and is now ready to take its place as the most budget friendly, dual-functioning Vaporizer available anywhere. Whether you prefer using a whip, or if bagging is more your style, the Extreme Q takes the stress out of deciding what type of Vaporizer to buy, it goes both ways. Its new, stylish midnight chrome finish can make people look twice so if appearances are important, this is the Vaporizer to get when impressing someone matters. Good looks aside, what's even cooler about the Q is how easy it is to operate with its remote control (included.) Convenience counts, and the LCD display on this unit makes it so easy to keep up with current or preset temperatures. You don't have to keep track of a thing, the Extreme Q will do it for you.

Along with its appearance, the fan system has also been re-designed so it now runs 50% quieter, and uses less energy to do it! Arizer put a lot of thought into the new Extreme Q, and they didn't go cheap on the inert, toxin-free materials in its construction either. Kept safe within its insulated dual wall of stainless steel housing, the Q will produce some of the best tasting, toxin-free vapor you've ever had. We all know, if you don't have consistent heat in your vape, it isn't worth much. Triple heat sensors in this baby keep those beautiful vapor clouds coming with no problem. A vertical cyclone bowl allows for the even distribution of air so you don't miss a thing, and you can easily control the density of vapor clouds by simply choosing any one of three settings available. In two short minutes, this awesome machine is ready to take its operator to Vaporizer heaven.

    Includes with Purchase: 

    • Two mouthpieces
    • Two glass cyclone bowls
    • One glass stir tool plus a replacement screen
    • Detachable balloon systems with two ballons
    • Remote control 
    • Instruction manual


    Arizer offers a lifetime manufacturer's warranty for the Extreme Q vaporizer.