Extra Long Wood Gandalf Pipe

by Cannsy Approved
Most of us know who Gandalf is, and I'm sure we all had grins on our faces every time he pulled out that pipe and lit up. Some people would say that a pipe is a pipe after all, but they'd be wrong about this one. Its got the kind of straight up good looks that are going to get stared at by envious friends every time you pass it around. Then, when they hit it and find out it smokes as good as it looks, they can't take it anymore and go buy their own.

Pure class and style don't have anything to do with function. Except when you know you're holding the coolest looking pipe in the room in your hand, it can tend to add a little to the flavor of whatever you have in the bowl. Measuring an impressive 14" long, this pipe will probably need its own shelf, but that's fine, Gandalf cool like this deserves to be highlighted in an area all its own.

This Gandalf pipe wasn't made to be put on a shelf and never used though. Made of durable wood, it was designed to be enjoyed and appreciated by its lucky owner. All of this for a price that seems ridiculously low, but hey, for what the asking price is, you may want to buy a few extra just in case someone comes along you really want to impress. The thing about wood that glass, metal or plastic will never have is the more you handle it, the better it gets.

Product Highlights

  • Pure Gandalf Cool
  • Made of Glossy, Healthy Looking Wood
  • Durable, Meant to be Used
  • Well Crafted by a Master of the Art