Easy Vape Digital Desktop Vaporizer - Assorted Colors - Dry Herbs

by Easy Vape


  • Built To Last
  • Easy To Read Digital Display
  • Fast Heat-Up Time
  • User-Friendly and Perfect for Beginners

For anyone interested in the idea of a budget-friendly unit, the Easy Vape Digital Desktop Vaporizer is the answer. This direct draw desktop vaporizer, manufactured by Easy Vape, is lower in cost than most other brands with zero loss of function or quality. There are so many desktop vaporizers crowding today's market it's hard to know which one to choose. You can rest easy if it's from Easy Vape though because this desk-top model was designed with care, and built to last for years. Cheaper brands of vapes may save you cash in the beginning, but the savings don't count for much if you have to replace it within months.

Since the controls on Easy Vapes Digital Desktop are easy to understand, and the digital display has large numbers (easy on the eyes) this unit is perfect for anyone not familiar with vaporizers. This simple, yet highly effective desktop vaporizer heats up quickly, and in a very short time begins producing the kind of dense, satisfying vapor clouds you would expect from an Easy Vapes unit. If this is your first Vaporizer, or if you just want to keep an extra one handy, you don't need to look any further. The Easy Vape Digital has everything you need for hassle-free Vaping. A reasonable price, quality craftsmanship, and mega function all in one.

If the Easy Vape isn't the right one for you, feel free to check out our other desktop vaporizers on Cannsy. 

Items Included:

  • 1 Glass Wand
  • 1 Vaporizer Tubing
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 Power Cord