Showerhead Tree Perc Double Chamber Ash Catcher - 14.5mm/18.5mm Joint

by UPC


  • 14.5mm/18.5mm Ash Catcher Design
  • Shower to Tree percolator
  • Double Chamber

*Before you purchase an ash catcher - read our handy guide*

Once you get your hands on this beautiful double chamber ash catcher, you will find yourself frequently visiting cloud nine. This glass ash catcher with tree percolatoion delivers incredible filtration thanks to its design and multi-slit showerhead percolator. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, the glass ash catcher should last decades provided that it is cared for. And who wouldn't want to show it some love when you know it will provide you with top-notch filtration, maximal airflow, and is guaranteed to keep your glass water pipes or rigs more pristine than before?