Double Bubble Acrylic Bong - 12 Inches

by UPC


  • Acrylic Durability
  • Convenient Size
  • One Per Purchase in Assorted Colors

**Colors and designs may vary**

These multi-colored acrylic water pipes have stood the test of time and have accompanied many smoker's collections through the years. All serve the same purpose with superb function, but each one varies in design, and color. Due to the very reasonable price, a lot of people who can't decided which one suits them best buy them all, and add variety to their collections. Imagine different colors and shapes to suit specific moods, and you'll see this assortment. 

A 12-inch length is common in acrylic bongs, but that is the only thing these beauties have in common with others of their kind. The Acrylic toughness built into this assortment is not something all the others have. All pipes are not created equally, and those made with the durability of acrylic such as these are have a long life ahead of them.