Deep Violet Miron Glass Stash Jar by Van der Pop - 30 ml - Assorted

by Van der Pop


  • Miron glass / platinum
  • 2" H x 2" W
  • Made in Germany | Printed in California

Throw out those plastic bags or whatever strange impromptu home you stored your stash in when you were in a pinch. Upgrade the look of your stash jar to Van der Pop’s stylish, sleek containers that will make your friends stop and say, “oh, you fancy, huh?”

Van der Pop’s jars are all made from Miron Violet Glass. Miron glass filters out all full-spectrum visible light and lets violet light in. By allowing only violet wavelengths to seep in, Van der Pop’s jars slow down the decay of your precious herbs! 

The Van der Pop jars come with an assortment of words etched on the front - Sex, Trip, Forget, Focus, Clean, Laugh, Party, Relax and Sleep - so you can sort your stash according to your needs.  

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