DaVinci Handheld Vaporizer - Herb & Wax - Black, Silver, Green

by DaVinci

The DaVinci Handheld Vaporizer looks like it belongs in a pocket, and unless you took it out to show it off, non-vaping people would never suspect you had a Vaporizer in your possession! The efficiency of this little Vape is amazing, and so is the vapor it produces! No worries about traveling with the DaVinci Handheld vaporizer, it's not fragile at all, and can take a little bumping around now and then. This portable vaporizer was designed to fit the human hand, but even if you did drop it, internal components are secure and protected. The featured

Product Features:

  • Newest Model - Version 2.0
  • Small and Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Temperature Control System
  • High-Quality Lithium Ion Battery
  • 2 Year Warranty

Oil Cans that come with the DaVinci Handheld are a convenient plus. Because they are called "oil" cans, doesn't mean you can't load dry herb in them. Load one with concentrate, the other with herb, and then spend the rest of the day trying to figure out which one you want the most.

Anyone who's ever played the guessing game on vape temperatures will surely appreciate the digital control this DaVanci features. Either dry herbs, or concentrates, if the heat isn't consistent your missing out! The battery power behind this portable vape comes from top-shelf, Lithium-ion, and for vaporizers, they don't come any better than that. As long as your battery is kept properly charged via the charger (included), you will never have to face a dead vaporizer. Unfortunately, the DaVanci Handheld is not self-cleaning. To keep your Vaporizer working at peak performance, it is highly recommended that the cleaning tool (also included) be used frequently. This highly functional beauty deserves good care. The better you treat it, the longer you get to keep on enjoying it.  

    Accessories (Included):

    • 1 x Battery Charger
    • 1 x Cleaning Tool
    • 2 x Oil Cans
    • 8 x Extra Screens
    • 1 x Instruction Manual