Dablione Fin Vapor Rig and Glass Beaker Bong - 6 Inches

by Dablione
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This Vapor Rig and Glass Beaker Bong is another multi-tasking idea presented by Dablione. Patented and travel friendly, this vapor rig is about as easy as it gets to use and enjoy. Designed for either dry herbs or concentrates, it doesn't matter which option you choose, both will get you 100% satisfaction out of whatever you put in the bowl. Used as a stand alone pipe, or taking advantage of the vapor rig function this Dablione is a keeper.

Dablione Tech is out to make sure their rig and bong are the only ones you'll ever need, and so far, they are doing very well with that goal. They prove that with the right attachments, all things are possible. The smooth rips you get from this baby are so full of flavor, once you've broken it in, the rest of your equipment stash will probably start gathering dust from non-use. Born of tough quartz, you'd have to try to damage it because durable is the word for this bit of Dablione magic.

As an oil rig, or regular waterpipe, a lot of research went into this vape rig and bong inspiration. Rest assured, after all that effort quality control is top priority. Nothing less than perfect ever leaves the work room, and that's as it should be. If you're going to spend your cash on Dablione products, only the best is good enough. Deals like this really should be considered investments, because that's what they are.

Product Highlights

  • Dablione Craftsmanship
  • Multi Tasking Capabilities
  • Quartz Durability
  • Extreme Customer Satisfaction