Dabitron Conversion Kit for Gravitron by Grav Labs - 10 Inches - Clear

by Grav Labs


  • Allows your Grav Labs Gravity bong to work with dabs and concentrates
  • Borosilicate glass 
  • Length:10"
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Dome and Quartz Nail Included

Take a look at your Graviton. Something is missing, isn't it? Now - concentrate... Ever find yourself wanting to take your Graviton to the next level? Maybe you have had passing thoughts of turning your beloved Graviton into a Dabitron but didn't know how. Luckily, Grav Labs has made your wildest smoking dreams come true with the Dabitron Conversion Kit for the Gravitron!

What do you have to do to enhance the power of the Gravitiron? Simply throw this kit on top, drop a nail in, and experience the potency of the combination of your Graviton and this little guy. The dabitron packs quite a powerful punch!

Just be careful - using the Dabitron might be a little too intense for some. Don’t be surprised if you get down for the count once you start using Dabitron Conversion Kit for Gravitron by Grav Labs!