Curvy Wood Smoking Pipe

by Cannsy Approved


  • The Solid Dependability Of Wood
  • Convenient Lid For Worry-Free Traveling

Since the beginning of time, wooden hand pipes have been a favorite among smokers. Many sorts of wood are suitable for good pipes. Under normal use, with minimal care, a wood pipe is forever.  Some say that glass is cleaner than wood, but that is strictly a matter of preference. There are many smokers in the world today with wooden pipes they refuse to give up, because there is something about the feel of wood in your that no other material can match.

Wood pipes with lids are even more valued for the chance to load the bowl in privacy, close the lid, and slip it inside a pocket for later use. Obviously, they can be destroyed by fire places, or saws but not much else. Wood is considered a "forever" pipe material because that is how long you will love this pipe for its convenience, and pure function.