Curvy Glass Water Bong w/ Assorted Color Base - Handblown - 11 Inches

by Cannsy Approved


  • Durability You Can Trust
  • Outstanding Color Work
  • Highly Functional

The color work on the bottom of this glass zig zag water bong is enough on its own to get plenty of attention, and lots of admiring looks from anyone you care to share it with. Appearances aren't supposed to count as far as function goes, but even so, smoking from a unique bong that looks as cool as this one does seems to make every puff taste that much better. 

Water Pipes come in so many different shapes, styles, and designs it can be hard to choose, and in that case, considering how it will feel in your hand can make the choice easier. This 11-inch glass bong is designed to be user-friendly, and easy to grip, which is something important to think about. Rubber on glass construction brings more than style to this pipe, it offers durability as well. If price, an eye pleasing appearance, quality construction, function, and durability are what you need in a water pipe, here it is. As far as zig zag zong bongs go, this beauty is one of the best for sale online.