Coil Showerhead Bong by Grav Labs - 13 Inches - Clear, Black

by Grav Labs
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  • Coiled showerhead
  • Stemless flare
  • 60x5mm glass
  • 14mm joint

Double, double coil and trouble; dry herb burn, and showerhead bubble! The Coil Showered Bong by Grav Labs is the perfect concoction for all your smoking needs.

Built with durable 60x5mm borosilicate glass, the Coil Showerhead Bong is built to function forever. Granted, you should still be careful with this glass piece - it is still glass after all. Inside the chamber, you will find a fantastic coiled showerhead perc - fashioned similar to one of those coiled water slides of yesteryear - meaning you’ll get highly filtrated, full-flavored hits.

A flared base means extra sturdiness when you place your coiled showerhead bong down. The Coil Showered Bong by Grav Labs features a 14mm joint and stands at 13'' tall. This amazing new perc design for Grav Labs is not one to missed - guaranteed to bubble up some of the meanest, milkiest witches brews you'll experience.