Cloud Evo with Hydrabomb Starter Kit by VapeXHale

by VapeXHale
  • VapeXHale Quality
  • HydraBomb Hydratube
  • VapeXNail Essential Oil Attachment
  • Easy Load Bowls
  • Full Size Heat Shield
Whether you're new to the world of Vaporizers, or an old pro, the VapeXHale Hydrabomb starter kit has everything you need to make your first session with it a memorable one. Vaporizing oils isn't a new idea, but if you've never tried it, hang on tight and get ready for a treat! The VapeXNail makes loading the EZ Bowls a no-hassle process you will appreciate every time you use it. The Cloud Evo with its full sized heat shield will change the way you look at vaporizing, and help utilize your essential oils in the most economical, effective way. 

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