Clear Glass Funnel Slide Bowl by Grav Labs - 14mm, 19mm

by Grav Labs


  • Grav Labs Quality
  • Functional & Durable
  • 14mm, and 19mm Sizes 

These standard clear glass funnel slide bowls are a must-have for any Grav Labs bong or bubbler pipe. They fit so easily, hit so well, and really highlight the skill and artistry to be found on the Grav Labs staff. The easiest way to clear leftover smoke from a water pipe is to lift the bowl, but if it's not a slider (like these) that can be difficult. These glass funnel bowls come in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm sizes and are made from the same quality borosilicate as all Grav labs glass products.

At these low prices, these are the bowls to keep in mind when presents are called for. Anyone who smokes will appreciate the functionality of these slide bowls, and your gift will not be wasted, or go unappreciated. Giving Grab Labs items as gifts shows what you really think, and makes you a very popular person indeed.