Clear Concentrate Jar - Black Lid - Screw Top - 10ml or 30ml

by Cannsy Approved


  • Discreet Size
  • Air-Tight, Safe Storage
  • Plastic Twist-off top

Concentrate Jar's are a necessary item with anyone who needs safe-storage for their concentrates. Since the potency of some concentrates can be powerful, screw tops like these can be very helpful for storage and preservation purposes. These small concentrate containers come in two different sizes -- 10ML and 30ML -- and come with screw top black lids.

It isn't big or bulky enough to be a bother, and very easy to carry in a pocket or bag. When you carry your oil or waxy concentrates in one of these clear containers, you are assured of a good supply, and spared the inconvenience of "running out" because your container wasn't large enough. Then, when you open your concentrate jar for dabbing (or dabs), the contents will be as fresh as they day they were placed inside because air-tight, safe storage keeps them that way.