Classic Rosewood Sherlock Hand Pipe - Brown with Black Handle - 7 Inches

by Cannsy Approved


  • Hand Made Quality
  • Exotic Rosewood
  • Replaceable Metal Filter

Handmade of real, exotic Rosewood, this wooden Sherlock hand pipe has the kind of look that gets noticed in a crowd. At a perfect 6 inches long, it travels easily, and discretely. Plus, the convenient size also guards your privacy by making this pipe easy to put away in seconds if need be. There is a replaceable metal filter included that adds to the function of the beautiful Rosewood Sherlock by ensuring every draw you take from it is smoother, and easier on your throat and lungs. 

Wood pipes are not a new idea, and have in fact been around for centuries. That speaks very well for the durability of this Sherlock, and is reason enough to give it a try. Worthwhile things don't go out of style, and this Rosewood pipe is one of them.