Chongo Ceramic Bong by Summerland - 12 Inches

by Summerland


  • All Ceramic
  • 12"H x 4.5"W
  • Silicone Grommet
  • Made In California

Chongo has several different meanings in different languages but around here the definition for Chongo is the original all-ceramic bong by Summerland.

The Chongo by Summerland is nothing super revolutionary in design - you're not looking at the next trend in bong design and that's what makes it fantastic; it's instantly recognizable but an updated version - like your childhood home with new tiling. It's pure white, ceramic design, and the classic shape, the Chongo by Summerland, is a certainly timeless piece for the distinguished smoker.

All Summerland pieces come with high-grade silicone grommets that are super easy to clean. The Chongo is minimal and sleek and deserves a place on your shelf.

*Please note that Summerland shipments/orders may take 5-10 business days to process.