Ceramic Domeless Nail - Female - 10mm/14mm or 14mm/18mm

by UPC


  • Nonporous ceramic
  • Can equip 10mm/14 or 14mm/18mm joints

Whether you’re just getting into dabbing or have been around the block a few times, you’re going to need a nail (or two). What type of nails you use come down to a preference - whether it is glass, titanium, or ceramic nails. One thing is certain about nails - out of all the types, the ones that retain the heat the longest are ceramic nails.

Domeless nails often have less waste, tend to be less sticky, and, of course, look awesome. Created to equip 10mm/14mm or 14mm - 18mm joints, the nonporous ceramic domeless nail (female), or honey hole, can hold up to even the highest temperatures. Unlike titanium or quartz, ceramic nails do not glow crimson - indicating it is adequately scorched. Ceramic Domeless Nails can be heated for up to 1 minute to ensure it is evenly heated.

While one minute may sound like a long time to prep a nail, ceramic nails tend to stay heated (anywhere from 5-10 minutes) after it is lit! Unlike titanium nails, you do not have to season ceramic nails! Just light it up and you’re good to get dabbing.