"The Benjamins" Tattooed Blunt Wraps by Shine Papers - 2 Pack

by Shine Papers


  • 2 blunts per pack
  • Printed to look like 100 dollar bills
  • Created to burn smoothly across the paper
  • Made by Shine Papers

It's no surprise Shine Papers are getting so much attention with their "The Benjamins" blunt wraps. Who wouldn't enjoy being wealthy enough to roll one up in a $ 100 dollar bill if not for the fact that actually smoking currency paper would probably be very bad for your health as well as taste awful. The ink used in Benjamin blunts is 100% safe and edible, so no worries there, and you can bet they taste a whole lot better than the real thing would. These handcrafted inked blunts are a worlds first, and it won't be long until they are copied by others. Originals are always better than a copy. Never trust a counterfeit, and make sure your inked Benjamins say Shine on the packaging.

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