Aspire Platinum Vaporizer Kit - E-Liquids - Pen

by Aspire
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  • Atlantis tank
  • 2ml capacity for e-liquids
  • 510/eGo Threading
  • 4.2V maximum output
  • Ridiculously powerful cs sub battery

If you've decided to join the world of vaporizing and leave smoking behind, congratulations! The Aspire Platinum Starter Kit is well named, and is the perfect intro to Vaporizing. This high-end vaping kit has everything needed to produce serious clouds of tasty, clean vapor. Designed for use with e-juice, the Aspire is equipped with an Atlantis clearomizer tank which has the rep of being one of the best on the market. The carbon fiber battery is engineered for low resistance vaporizing. With featured adjustable air-flow this is a good Vaporizer for anyone, but even more so for those with weakened lungs. The bottom vertical coil in the Aspire Platinum brings on some very impressive vapor clouds, and after the first use of this baby, you'll know what quality tastes like.

The first thing many learn about vaporizing is if the heat isn't high enough, and is not consistent, you won't be getting maximum benefit from your load. With a featured high-tech control circuit, and solid engineering to back that up, the powerful battery in the Aspire Platinum can handle up to 40-amps, which is enough to satisfy even the pickiest among us. There is a charger included to keep your battery ready to serve whenever you need it. With a 5-second heat-up time, a generous capacity of 2ml, decent price, a very cool leather carrying case, and all the other cool features this kit has, why not get this one? If you're going to be a member of the vaporizing crowd, you may as well do it with the best of equipment.

Included with Purchase: 

  • One aspire sub battery
  • One aspire Atlantis tank
  • Five Aspire Atlantis replacement coils
  • One replacement web tank
  • One USB charger
  • One leather carrying case
  • User manual