Android by Grav Labs - 10 Inches - Concentrates and Dry Herbs

by Grav Labs
  • Used for concentrates and dry herbs
  • 14mm funnel bowl
  • Inline percolator
  • 10 Inches tall
  • 60x5mm glass

Decisions - we are constantly having to make them and when it comes to your smoke, you shouldn’t have to always choose between wax or herb. Enter Android by Grav Labs.

Two pipes in one, the Android by Grav Labs features two antenna-like mouthpieces that lead to their appropriate chambers. The external chamber is for herb while the internal chamber houses an oil rig. You don’t have to worry about “contamination” either, since they are completely separated from each other.

Not only do they feature two mouthpieces and two chambers, it is equipped with two different percolators - a natural percolator and an inline percolator. Choosing one mouth piece leads to a natural percolator while the other mouthpieces goes to an inline percolator where the water deflects off of the internal body. 

The Android by Grav Labs is certainly a sight to behold and definitely a piece to elevate you with its next level filtration. The only question is - do androids dream of electric dabs?