3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs - Bubbler, Spoon, and Taster

by Grav Labs


  • 14mm joint size
  • Made from Grav Labs
  • Durability You Can Trust
  • Swirling Vortex Venturi Chamber
  • Dry herbs and concentrates 
  • Multiple Attachments

**Decal colors may vary. **

The 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs is like getting three quality glass pipes for the price of one! This standard size Helix Nano has the funnel-shaped Venturi Chamber Grav Labs made famous and comes with a bubbler, taster, plus spoon attachment. Only the best lab grade borosilicate glass is used in any of their merchandise, including this 14mm pipe, so durability is something you can count on if it comes from Grav Labs.

Featured here is 14mm glass joints for the larger mode, l with a clamp included in both. The function of this Helix multi-pipe, no matter which attachment is being used, makes it a favorite among serious collectors, or anyone who enjoys variety in a smoke break. There are color options (as available) for the Helix decal that top off this masterpiece with a real touch of class. If you're going for the best bang for your buck, this incredible glass Helix multi-pipe is perfect for you!

Items Included:

  • Spoon, Bubbler, And One-Hitter Attachment
  • Joint Clamp

Warranty Information:

  • Grav Labs warranties any product defects related to their Helix line of products. 

Learn More: 

For more information, check out our Helix pipe review of the 3-in-1.