24K Gold Cigar Wraps by Shine Papers - Single Pack

by Shine Papers


  • Handcrafted With Edible 24k Gold
  • Two Per Pack
If style and status are your thing, Shine Papers offers the pinnacle of smoking perfection. Any smoking herb rolled up in a paper made of the finest, edible, 24k gold will certainly get the attention of everyone who sees it.  These handcrafted cigar gold blunt wraps represent pure luxury, and at a price, all of us can afford.  Shine papers were designed for legal smoking substances only.

Each pack contains two gold blunt wraps made with the finest edible 24k gold and tobacco.

It's not often you will see rolling papers that are protected by a filed patent, plus copyrights, and when they are, it's because they deserve to be. These incredible 24k gold rolling paper from Shine Papers combine luxury and status in a way that no other smoking papers can dream of doing. 
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