Extra Long Wood Gandalf Pipe - Brown with Black Handle -

by Cannsy Approved


  • Impressive Size
  • Durable Wood
  • Gandalf Coolness

Gandalf himself would be proud to smoke from this Wooden Horn Pipe. It's available as 11 or 14-inches long, and if you need to shove a few old pipes aside to make room for it, it's worth it to have this much Gandalf class in your collection. Even those who've never seen the movie, and have no idea what a Hobbit is loved the elegance of a pipe like this one. Cool seeps out of every pore, and it rubs off on anyone lucky enough to be holding this Extra Long Wood Gandalf Pipe in their hand. What doesn't show on this pipe though is function. 

People who buy this pipe on looks alone are always pleasantly surprised at how well it gets the job done. Sadly, there are pipes out there that may look great sitting in your collection, but they never get used because all they have going for them is appearance. That is not the case with this hand pipe, it works just as good as it looks.