Classic Square Sherlock Hand Pipe - Rosewood - Brown with Black Handle - 6 Inches

by Cannsy Approved


  • Beautiful Rosewood
  • Metal Filter
  • Unique Design
  • Convenient Size

Hand made from real rosewood, this Hand Pipe has all the class of the Sherlock name, and is much more than simply beautiful. At 6-inches in length it's also very transportable, and discrete. The same style pipe done in glass, or metal, just wouldn't have the same feel that holding quality wood in your hand does. The Square Bowl is perfect for this Sherlock, giving it that look of "cool" others smokers are going to envy, and it even comes with a replaceable metal filter which makes keeping it clean an easier job. For those who already have a Sherlock collection, or for those who don't, here's a Hand Pipe worthy of the name.