Vaporizer Pens

For those who prefer their smoking accessories to be a bit more portable, Cannsy brings you the largest selection of vape pens online. Whether you are in the market for dry herb or concentrate vape pens, Cnsyan has you covered for the best assortment of styles and brands. In the last few years, vaporizers have gained popularity and are becoming quite the staple in the smoking community. Vaporizers work by heating materials (either herbs or concentrates) to a temperature that is high enough for vaporization to occur, but which is low enough to prevent actual combustion. Vape pens are highly portable and are easy to transport in your day to day activity bag (or pocket), since they are not as bulky as pipes and are made from sturdier materials. Whatever your aesthetic is, we have a style that is sure to fit your lifestyle. The most popular models on the market are slender and are reminiscent of pens. Some people prefer a box type vaporizer to a lean pen, but no matter what you are leaning towards, we have something for you. Before you purchase a vape pen, make sure you determine what are you looking for: do you want a pen that for dry herbs? Oils and Concentrates? Whatever you decide, Cannsy has the perfect pen for you! From Atmos to an incredibly cool Helix stealth vapes to the well known Pax 2 portable vaporizer, you're sure to find the vaporizer pen that's perfect for you. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer