Stash Jars

When you want to upgrade from using your plastic bags and what you have at home simply doesn’t cut it anymore? Cannsy's online headshop brings you the best selection of stash jars anywhere online. For those that are wanting to break out from the rut of storing your stash in mason jars, cookie tins, or medicine bottles, branch out and take a peek at the amazingly sleek and stylish Deep Violet Miron Glass Stash Jar by Van der Pop. Not only do Van der Pop’s stash jars serve as a chic home for your stash, they also prolong the lifetime of your herbs and flowers by ensuring that only the best light gets in. The look of the Miron glass jars isn’t your thing? You are in luck! We have other minimal and compact stash jars in our catalog as well as a fantastic assortment of smoking accessories on Cannsy. From clear concentrate jars to playful, colorful rubber jars, you/re sure to find the perfect stash jar to suit any smoking personality. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.