Staff Picks

To make your life easier and to give us an excuse to test out all of our products, we've compiled a list of our staff's favorite pieces on Cannsy. Our staff has chosen our favorite pipes, smoking accessories, one-hitters, and our tried and true bongs and pipes. From the Pax 2 portable vape to the beautiful wood-tipped one hitters from Elevate, our staff picks are time-tested and perfect for anyone looking for their next piece.Purr Glass and Grav Labs constantly show up on our staff’s picks and there is a reason for that. With their thick grade, scientific borosilicate glass, fantastic craftsmanship, it is no wonder these two heavy hitters appear time and time again. It’s not just their pipes that wow us but their bongs and dab rigs! Smokers wanting to invest in a sturdy piece cannot go wrong with anything from the Purr Glass and Grav Labs catalogue. Just make sure you show your bongs and pipes level of love it deserves; clean it regularly and treat it kindly. In addition to the great smoking pieces, our staff has chosen some of our favorite smoking accessories for you. Cannsy's online head shop has the perfect smoking device and smoking accessory for any occasion, preference, and style. There are some great pieces just waiting for you to discover within the Cannsy catalogue, so, go ahead and browse a little. For more information on our staff picks at Cannsy, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.