Smoking Pipes

If you prefer a more portable smoke, our collection of handheld smoking pipes for sale are second to none. We have everything in our catalog from stealthy smoking pipes for sale to pipes constructed from beautiful soft glass, no matter what your preference is, we have a smoking pipe for you. For those that are looking for the perfect portable item, we have one hitters that will make you the envy of your friends. Luxe and stealthy, Elevate crafts fantastic glass with wood-trim products and the Luxury Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One-Hitter is definitely a sleek one-hitter. One-hitters are the perfect portable smoking pipe for when you’re on the go. They are non-obtrusive, super easy to store, and can fit in a backpack, a bag, or a purse discreetly. Not wanting a discreet one-hitter? Cannsy has larger smoking pipes available for your collection, too! Afraid of breaking glass - why not try going with a simple wooden smoking pipe? Wooden hand pipes are a classic and are a definite go to for those wanting something a little more natural feeling. From Helix pipes by Grav Labs to Sherlocks to bubblers and back again, Cannys's online head shop has the smoking pipe that's perfect for any occasion and preference. There are some great smoking pipes to discover within the Cannsy catalogue, so, go ahead and browse a little. For more information on our vast assortment of smoking pipes, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.