Smoking Accessories

From Formula 420 bong cleaner to ash catchers (by Purr and Grav Labs), Cannsy's online head shop has you covered for all your favorite smoker’s accessories and essentials. Whether it is that new Santa Cruz grinder you’ve been wanting or the ash catcher you have been eyeballing, we have a little something to suit all your smoking needs. Say you are a seasoned smoker and think you have everything covered? Do you happen to have a handy portable one hitter or a portable glass blunt? Why not check out Legalize Pot Belly Pigs Company’s super transportable, compact Quick Draw or Multi-tool? The Multi-tool is a handy bundle which comes complete with a glass one-hitter, a lighter, and a hemp wick - all in one convenient small, pocket package! What if you need a replacement bowl for your beloved bong? Luckily, Cannsy also has a great selection of bowls available for you to purchase in varying sizes. When it comes to the top smoking accessories online, our vast assortment is second-to-none. From natural, organic rolling papers to luxury inspired 24k gold blunt wraps, to medical-grade aluminum grinders and high-quality dabbing accessories, Cannsy has your back when it comes to smoking accessories. If you're looking for new items to impress your friends, or just want to upgrade your collection of tools for your own personal use, we have the perfect assortment for you. For more information on our great range of smoking accessories, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.