Scientific Glass

Ever wanted to feel like a mad scientist with your very own secret lab at home? Scientific glass is the perfect answer for the smoker that craves something a little more “medical” and experimental out of their glassware. Cannsy's online head shop has a great assortment of pieces  - whether it is a bubbler, dab rig, or even a scientific glass spoon pipe, we have something for the undiscovered scientist in you. Feel like conjuring up a whirlwind? Look to Grav Labs’ selection of glass featuring their awe-inspiring Helix technology. We can’t get enough of the smokey vortex that is created when you draw - invoking a filtered cyclone of goodness. If beaker bongs aren’t your thing and you want something easy on the throat, we have portable bubbler pipes crafted by California’s own Purr Glass. Interested in exploring the dabbing world? Cannsy has great clear, scientific glass dab rigs of varying sizes available. From the smaller, yet powerful, Circuit 7” dab rig, to the 12” behemoth double duty dab rig that uses both herbs and concentrates, the Inline Dual Action Bubbler by Grav Labs, there’s something in our catalogue that will pique your interest. Why are chemists great for solving problems? They have all the solutions - and so does Cannsy! For those who prefer a cleaner, more chemistry-like approach to their smoking, our scientific glass pipes and bongs are among the best for sale online. From Helix pipes and bongs to clear scientific glass pipes, Cannsy's collection of scientific glass is sure to please.