Santa Cruz Shredder

Leading the industry in precision design, Santa Cruz Shredder offers one of the best grinder selections on the planet. From stainless steel 2, 3 and 4 piece grinders, to smooth matte grinders, few grinders compare to the Santa Cruz Shredder. Made from medical-grade anodized aluminum and featuring a revolutionary tooth design, the Santa Cruz Shredder brings you the finest grinding experience. Known for their amazing durability, these grinders are super resilient against scratches, tooth damage, and thread damage. Santa Cruz Shredders developed a unique and proprietary thread pattern, eliminating the binding & permanent seizing of the screw-together parts to combat galling. Galling is a type of surface damage that occurs when two sliding metals constantly come in contact with one another. Often, raw aluminum threads transfer wear-debris from surface to surface causing a build-up. Build-ups create lumps, roughness and will lead to eventual failure of the grinder. Using a technique called anodizing, SCS have changed not only the microscopic texture of the surface but the actual crystal structure of the aluminum, bonding to the new surface that combats build-up. In addition, Santa Cruz Grinders use superior magnets known as Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets. High quality magnets make it easier for your lid to close more securely and prevents your herbal blends from drying out, spilling and even prevents odor leakage! What more can you ask for in a grinder? While you are browsing grinders, make sure to check out Cannsy's best smoking accessories to complete your smoking collection.