Purr Glass

Based in sunny Chatsworth, California, Purr is one of the most highly-regarded, well-established (and lest we forget to mention family owned and operated) glass brands in the industry. The Purr family has evolved into the powerhouse they are now from their start in early 2003. From their famous and (nearly) indestructible Purr 2 Go bubblers to their honeycomb glass bongs and Purr spoon pipes, you know you are getting some of the best handmade quality bongs, pipes, and bubblers around when you plunge into the Purr stock. Purr is synonymous with innovation - creating such artistic designs as their highly successful scientific Papa Hammer to their super transportable, durable “pocket” pieces. Purr utilizes thick, scientific grade borosilicate glass to create their uniquely vast catalogue. Anytime you read that borosilicate glass is involved in a company's product line, you know you will be investing in a sturdy piece; borosilicate ensures strength in your piece and provides significant heat resistance for a lifetime of smoking pleasure. If that's not enough, Purr bubblers use their signature Purr perforated downstems; the perforation ensures that every hit or dab is filtered completely through cool water before you inhale it, guaranteeing a much smoother, filtered, tastier hit. Purr is constantly at the foreground of innovation, like their aforementioned widely lauded Purr 2 Go, the first ever injection molded premium-quality travel bubbler. Cannsy, your go to online head shop, is more than honored to carry such quality glass pieces and cannot wait to see what new innovations and creations Purr will dream up next.