Percolator Bongs

A fan-favorite among water pipe smokers worldwide, percolator bongs work by filtering smoke through water via an additional chamber within the pipe. There are a variety of percolators available: tree, straight, honeycomb, dome, showered, and helix  — just to name a few. Whatever type of percolator you purchase, they all function in the same the way.  A percolator works by a negative pressure change occurring when the user begins to inhale on the bong. This difference in pressure causes an accelerated heat transfer and the smoke is rapidly cooled by the bubbling water. The effervescent water breaks up and cools the smoke. The more filtration that occurs, the more refined your smoke will be - resulting in a cleaner, smoother hit every time. Both Grav Labs, from Austin, Texas, and Purr have some of the best, most durable, and popular percolators on the market. You can get something in the small to medium range, like the Sidecar by Purr Glass - Honeycomb Bong, or something much larger, like the Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong. The Nano Matrix Mini Bong by Purr Glass might be smaller than other pieces but it is absolutely one of the best percolators on the market and just as powerful as larger pieces. Whatever your preference is, large or small, glass bubbler or honeycomb bongs, Cannsy's selection of percolator bongs for sale is definitely the biggest and best online. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages of our online head shop