Widely regarded as the best handheld vaporizer on the planet, the PAX vaporizer is known not only for its luxurious design, but also its long-lasting battery and durability. Based in San Francisco, PAX was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates with the mission of making traditional smoking obsolete. PAX wants to provide the ultimate vaporization experience and aims to evolve the process of smoking. Vaporizer pens have been gaining popularity over the years and devices like the PAX have become one of the most recognized devices on the market. With an improved design (smaller by 4 inches) and function (longer lasting battery) from the original PAX, the PAX 2 retains much of the original aesthetic. Built from anodized aluminum, it is sturdy, light, easy to clean, discreet - fitting in the palm of your hand - and is very easy to use. The "pen" works as simple as storing the materials in the basin, pressing a button, and waiting for it heat up. That's it! You can choose from four separate heat settings - choosing the optimal temperature is completely up to you!  Not only can you set the temperature based on your preference, the PAX 2 is equipped with a motion and lip-sensing technology that adjusts the settings based on your toke. This technology helps ensure the device provides you with the strongest draw you can get. For the vape aficionado who desires both form and function, and wants a simple yet sleek device, none are better than the PAX portable vaporizer.