Mini and Small Bongs

Sometimes bigger is simply not a better option when it comes to bongs. In times such as these, mini bongs provide the perfect alternative to larger bongs and water pipes. Mini bongs prove that good things do come in small packages; they are small powerhouses that often prove they are just as fantastic as their larger counterparts. At Cannsy, we have mini small bongs available in a variety of make and model - acrylic and glass, with and without percolators. The Sidecar by Purr Glass is crafted with a turbine percolator and is definitely an office favorite at Cannsy. Standing at an admirable 8 inches, the Sidecar bong doesn’t take up much space and still delivers smooth, milky hit after hit. Interested in dabbing but maybe you’re intimidated at the thought of buying a huge rig? We’ve got you covered! The Circuit Dab Rig by Grav Labs is not only an artistic marvel, it also is a small heavy hitter - equipped with a double turbine perc. While you are researching mini small bongs, be sure to check out the best selling smoking accessories at Cannsy for the latest items or pieces guaranteed to enhance your smoking experience. Our collection ranges from small, ornate hookah pipes to cool concentrate bubblers to colorful handblown small bongs, Cannsy has the perfect mini bong that will suit any smoker's needs and preference. For more information on our mini bongs, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.