Grav Lab's Ionix line is just the best ever. The IONIX is a semi-portable vaporizer made for stationary use (like your desktop or a tabletop) but can also be lugged around in your trusty backpack. Easy to use and readily adaptable for any tolerance level, both novice and veteran smokers alike will enjoy the tasty, smooth hits the IONIX readily delivers. We love the fact that the IONIX is an oil/concentrate vape pen that can heat up your concentrates without a torch in a matter of seconds. A traditional tabletop oil/dab rig can take minutes to get going, but the IONIX requires messy tools, and is ready for use in the blink of an eye. Grav Labs is well-known for using laboratory-grade scientific glass that means durability and longevity and the IONIX line is no different. Using thick glass for the mouthpiece, the IONIX vape pens and kits are meant to endure! Grav Labs also upped the ante by making a IONIX Vaporizer kit compatible with STAX accessories. The Draco Stax Bong + Ionix Vaporizer Kit is a mouthpiece or filter that is easy to interchange with other filters and mouthpieces from the STAX line. With STAX, the possibilities of filtration and ultimate smoking experiences are endless! Check out more of the STAX line and starting dreaming of your mix and match bong. Here at Cannsy's online head shop, we are super proud to call the great people at Grav Labs our friends! To see a review of any of the Grav Labs items we carry, simply click on any one of our featured Grav Labs products.