Honeycomb Bongs

Like other percolator bongs, honeycomb bongs provide one of the smoothest smokes of any accessory option online. While there are a variety of percolators available (tree, straight, honeycomb, dome, etc), the honeycomb percolator is one of the most popular percs for smokers worldwide. A percolator works when a negative pressure change occurs when the user begins to inhale (or draw) on the bong. This difference in pressure causes an accelerated heat transfer and the smoke is rapidly cooled by the bubbling water. The effervescent water breaks up and cools the smoke. The more filtration that occurs, the more refined your smoke will be - resulting in a cleaner, smoother hit every time. Many smokers swear by Honeycomb percs and highly recommend their awesome filtration power; this allows a thicker, creamier smoke and a smoother hit. A honeycomb filter is essentially a perforated glass disc with up to 100 separate holes that form the honeycomb. Of course, the type of percolator you choose comes down to preference. Don’t like the honeycomb? Don’t worry, we have turbine and tree percs! Or maybe you are interested in the honeycomb but desire something with an ice catcher. Look no further than the 8-Arm Honeycomb Glass Percolator Dab Rig Bong w/ Ice Catcher for ice cold, filtered hits. Whether it be twisted glass honeycomb water pipes or colorful handblown bongs from Grav Labs, Cannsy's selection of honeycomb percolators is second-to-none. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.