Cool Fire 4 Mod by Innokin

by Innokin


  • Variable voltage from 3V to 7.5V
  • Variable wattage from 6W - 40W
  • 2000mAh battery
  • OLED display screen
  • Ohms meter
  • Puff counter
  • Ability to vape from charging
  • Portable power bank

With all the mind-blowing technology in our world today, an intelligent Vaporizer like the Cool Fire IV by Innokin comes as no surprise. This newest model features variable voltage/wattage (up to 40W), as well as a long lived, rechargeable 2200mAh battery that has what it takes to get outside and run the roads with you. On some other brands a Vape can't be used while it's charging. Forget that worry with this unit because it can. If your power runs out, there is no wait. The portable power bank is another thing serious vaping enthusiasts are going to appreciate. All the power and versatility built into Cool Fire is amazing when you hold this compact little unit in your hand. For instance, some people are going to love things like the "Puff Counter" featured in this unit. Imagine that, a Vaporizer that can count puffs will surely keep your vaping buddies more honest!

The OLED display screen is easy to read, allowing the operator to keep track of ohms meter readings, and other data with no guess work. You don't need a pad and pencil next to this Vaporizer, it notes the facts for you. Compatibility with most sub ohm tanks is another big plus with this unit, as well as the wide range of atomizer resistance levels it is capable of handling. It's a fact that not all of us are comfortable with things this techy, but seriously, this awesome example of what you can do with a Vaporizer these days is so worth it. Besides, a user-friendly instruction manual is included with the purchase, so no worries about getting stuck with a "tech toy" you don't understand. Available in a variety of lively, bright colors, this unit deserves a place of its own in the "too cool to miss category."

Included with Purchase: 

  • One Cool Fire IV 220000mAh battery
  • One ego adapter
  • One USB charging cable
  • One Innokin sticker
  • One instruction manual