Cloud Evo with Essential Oils Starter Kit by VapeXHale - Water Pipe Attachment, Quartz Nail, And Screens

by VapeXHale
  • HydraBomb Hydratube
  • VapeXNail Essential Oil Attachment
  • 2-EZ Load Bowls
  • Very User Friendly
When it's an Essential Oils starter kit from VapeXhale, you will not be disappointed. It truly does have everything you need to get started, except the oil. If you're serious about getting to the know the Vaping world, this kit will make it easy for you. The Cloud Evo is a well-built, light weight unit with a full sized heat shield, and designed to be user friendly. Choosing this Vaporizer means you don't have to worry about being stuck with an overly complicated Vaporizer that's too big a pain to use. The loading process couldn't get much easier with two EZ load bowls so you get more time to enjoy with less effort spent getting there! 

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