Gravity Bongs

One of the most popular smoking accessories, gravity bongs on Canny's Online Headshop are second-to-none. There are two types of gravity bongs - either a bucket or waterfall gravity bong. A "bucket" gravity bong is commonly made out of two containers, a larger, open top container and a smaller container. The larger container fills with water and the second, slightly smaller container, is placed into the larger, water-filled vessel. Once the bowl is lit, you must move the smaller container upwards, causing a change in pressure. This is where the magic happens! Smoke slowly fills the smaller jar until the bowl is removed and the smoke is inhaled. A waterfall bong, like the Stainless Steel Bowl for DIY Gravity Bongs by AC Greebs, is made up of only one container. The container must have a bowl and a small hole near the base for easy water drainage. As water flows out of the container, air is forced through the bowl and causes materials to burn causing an accumulation of smoke in the vessel. For those looking to branch out and experience the power of a gravity bong, Cannsy has your back! From the hugely popular Gravitron gravity bong by Grav Labs to other gravity bongs that are a bit more stealthy, you'll be sure to find the gravity bong that is perfect for you. Regardless of your preference, either form or function, our collection of gravity bongs will leave you one happy smoker. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews of gravity bongs listed on our product pages.