Glass Pipes

It's no secret that glass pipes are one of the tried and true staples in any smoker's collection and Cannsy's online head shop has the best quality pipes online. Not sure where to start? Look no further than Grav Labs, one of the most popular brands in our catalog. With their thick, high-grade borosilicate glass, you can count on anything from Grav Labs to be durable, sturdy, and robust. Grav Labs' pipes vary from standard, 4" glass pipes, to larger 18" behemoths, otherwise known as the Glass Steamroller Pipe. If you want to delve into the world of Grav Labs' helix technology, you cannot go wrong with the 5" Classic Helix Spoon Pipe. If the Helix is not your thing, we have a great assortment of colors, sizes, and types destined to suit your personality and smoking style. You can sample the world of Purr with one of their portable pocket bubblers. Want a trip to the Shire without leaving the comfort of your home? Why not give the Giant Glass Gandalf Pipe a go? From the finest handblown glass pipes to incredible bubbler pipes to the ever-popular Helix pipe collection, Cannsy has the perfect piece for any occasion. Rising in popularity over the years and growing like a weed pipes made of glass are a definite worldwide favorite. Not to be confused with other weed pipes, these glass pipes are for tobacco use only and not weed. For more information on our selection of glass pipes — from Weed Star pipes to some of the Cannabis Cup's finest — feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.