Dabbing Accessories

You’ve read the Cannsy Ultimate Guide to Dab Rigs and our How to Dab guide at our education center and are now interested in exploring the world of dabbing. Or maybe you’re already a little established and are in need of some dabbing accessories to complete you? There are a great number of options available for smoking concentrates and we have you covered. Depending on the type of setup you have, you will definitely need to invest in some dabbing pieces. Most dab rigs are made up of three components: a glass piece (a dome), a nail, and a torch lighter. Have a dab rig set up and think you are good to go? Do you have a dabber? A dabber is essentially a short, small rod and dabbing pens have a shape that is reminiscent of a syringe. We have everything from titanium nails to gold dipped dabbers to fit your personal aesthetic and smoking style. If your dab rig setup at home is in need of an upgrade, be sure to browse our selection of dab rigs for something that just might catch your eye. For those that prefer concentrates and waxy oils over dry herb or flower alternatives, our vast assortment of dab accessories is second-to-none. From titanium dab tools to cool concentrate containers and back again, Cannsy is far and away the best online source for all things dabbing-related. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.
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