Bongs and Water Pipes

A favorite among bong smokers worldwide, bongs and water pipes have consistently been a wonderful way to smoke for decades. From percolators, beakers, to the impeccably handcrafted Gravitron by Grav Labs, Cannsy's online head shop has the best water pipe selection for you. For those new to smoking, or those just simply wanting to expand and refresh your knowledge, you may be asking yourself, "what is a water bong anyways?" In short, they are water pipes that are used for smoking various kinds of dried herbs and wax concentrates (also known as dabs). Essentially, any device that utilizes water to filter the smoke before it hits your lungs can be considered a bong or water pipe. They also come in an assortment of sizes and make; they can be glass, acrylic, or even ceramic. There are also great features and functions that will overall enhance your smoking experience. They can have diffusers and percolators, but both are really designed to create a smoother, more filtrated hit, that will definitely improve the overall quality of the smoke. To get more specific, diffusers smooth, thicken or cool smoke but also require you to breathe a little deeper. Percolators are supplementary water chambers which provide a similar effect to smoke as diffusers. Here at Cannsy, we take great pride in curating the world's best bongs for those of your looking to buy bongs discreetly online. For more information, feel free to check out the bong reviews listed below on any of our product pages.